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  • Ian McCain

Essential Areas of Digital Transformation

Updated: Jan 19

Digital transformation is the replacement of manual, paper-based and asynchronous business processes with modern digital processes.

When the idea of digitally transforming business processes first started being considered, most organizations would refer to it simply as “going paperless.” However, even though many organizations have fully embraced the notion of "paperless," the growing benefits associated with leveraging technology and interconnectivity between processes and software applications means that most digital transformation journeys are far from over.

A modern workforce's people and processes can increasingly capture efficiencies through digital transformation efforts. These enhancements to everyday work evolve alongside technological innovations and open lanes for everything from organizational growth to better experiences for customers and employees.

When evaluating whether your business should consider embracing a Digital Transformation strategy, there are 4 essential areas to consider:

Infographic highlighting 4 categories of digital transformation


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