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Fed up with slow, impersonal vendors? Crave a partnership that values and prioritizes your needs?


Welcome to Datum Evolve, we're a different flavor of Digital Transformation Consultancy that's all about you.

Skip the sales spiel. We're all ears and expertise, ready to guide you from exploring digital transformation to mastering OnBase complexities.

Our team is nimble, highly skilled, and Hyland certified, focusing on genuine, straightforward conversations.

Eager for industry insights without the sales pressure? Great news, we're terrible salespeople, but we are fantastic consultants, and that's our strength. It’s not about transactions for us; it’s about meaningful interactions that lead to tangible results. We don’t chase sales; we cultivate success stories by understanding your challenges and handcrafting solutions that fit just right. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about what we sell, it’s about what you achieve with the solutions we help you implement.

Reach out for a free consulting session. Discover the Datum Evolve difference and feel what a Next-Gen partnership is truly like.

We're excited to connect with you.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 700509 
Plymouth, MI 48170




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