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A Guide to Records Management

Explore our interactive guidebook to learn more about the intricate world of Records Management. This resource is designed to provide clarity and insight into how OnBase can address your Records Management needs and highlight how its advanced Records and Content Management capabilities play a vital role in the organization and safeguarding of information.

Dive into the specifics of what constitutes records management, the legal and compliance obligations it meets, and the best practices that ensure your organization’s records are managed effectively, securely, and provide enhanced accessibility.

This guidebook will help you understand the key differences between managing records and managing content. Whether you’re looking to implement a new system or refine existing practices, you’ll find actionable strategies that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each management style.

Navigate our content to empower your team with the knowledge to make informed decisions about managing corporate information securely and efficiently, ensuring compliance, and enhancing operational workflows. 

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