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Document Processing. Evolved.

 Eliminate the need for manual document indexing

Intelligent Document Processing

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Free your staff from mundane data entry and manual indexing tasks. Our Intelligent Document Capture solutions allow your team to focus on high-value activities, improving job satisfaction and operational efficiency. Stop committing time and resources to routine document processing so your organization can address more strategic initiatives and maintain fiscal integrity.

Revolutionize Your Data Capture

Intelligent Capture and Intelligent Document Processing simplify the often tedious task of data extraction from documents such as invoices, bills of lading, sales orders, purchase orders, receiving reports, tickets and forms.

Meet Alex, your typical AP Clerk

As an accounts payable (AP) clerk at a bustling company she faces the daunting daily task of manually indexing a high volume of invoices. It's a monotonous, error-prone process that consumes the majority of her workday, leaving little time for more strategic, value-added tasks. Each invoice requires careful attention to detail, as even a minor error can lead to significant discrepancies, potentially resulting in financial losses or strained vendor relationships.

The Challenges Alex Faces:


  • High Volume: On a typical day, Alex processes over a hundred invoices. This workload is not only overwhelming but also unsustainable without occasional errors.

  • Manual Entry: Each invoice needs to be manually entered into the system, a repetitive and tedious task that is prone to human error.

  • Time-Consuming: The process of sorting, matching, and entering data takes up most of Alex's day, preventing her from focusing on more critical tasks that could benefit the company.

  • Risk of Errors: Manual data entry under pressure to handle high volumes increases the likelihood of mistakes, which can lead to incorrect payments and the hassle of rectification.

  • Fraud Vulnerability: Manually handling so many documents increases the risk of oversight, which could be exploited for fraudulent purposes.

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How Intelligent Capture Transforms Alex’s Day

Now, let’s introduce Intelligent Capture into Alex’s workflow, addressing all the pain points Alex faces and transforming her day from a tedious grind to a more strategic and fulfilling role.

With Intelligent Capture, Alex’s typical day is vastly different. She starts her morning by reviewing a dashboard that shows the status of all processed invoices, immediately spotting any exceptions that need her attention. She spends her time resolving these specific issues, engaging with vendors on more complex queries, and working with her team to improve payment cycles and cash flow management, transforming her role from data entry clerk to a strategic asset of the finance department.

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Clear Benefits:

  • Automated Data Capture: Alex simply loads the invoices and the system extracts all necessary data. This means she spends less time on data entry and more on verification and handling exceptions.

  • Rapid Processing: With Intelligent Capture technology, what used to take hours now takes minutes. The system's rapid deployment and high-speed processing allow Alex to manage invoices as they come, without any backlog.

  • Reduced Errors: The combination of sophisticated OCR software and human verification drastically reduces the risk of errors. Alex can rest easy knowing that the data captured and entered into the system is accurate, reducing the likelihood of financial discrepancies.

  • Integration with Existing Systems: Our solutions seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing content management systems like OnBase. This integration means that once data is captured and verified, it's automatically uploaded and stored correctly in the system, without any extra steps.

  • Focus on High-Value Tasks: With the mundane data entry automated, Alex can now focus on tasks that require more critical thinking and decision-making, such as handling exceptions, optimizing payment terms, and potentially taking on more strategic roles within the finance team.

Intelligent Capture Solutions

At Datum Evolve, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline your document management processes and elevate your operational efficiency. Explore our premier intelligent capture products designed to transform how you handle and process documents:

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Simplify your document capture with Cloud OCR, our Cloud hosted CaaS (Capture as a Service) solution. With Cloud OCR, you can effortlessly submit documents and receive accurately captured data along with the original image.

Cloud OCR is perfect for organizations looking for a turn-key solution that utilizes a strategic combination of AI and Machine Learning OCR with human data verifiers.

Cloud OCR offers:

  • Streamlined Document Submission: Secure management tool allows you to simply submit your documents to the cloud-based service and receive data into your system. 

  • Accurate Data Capture: +99% accuracy from extractions due to advanced OCR combined with professionally trained human data verification means you receive precise data extraction and consistency in output.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily import captured data into OnBase or any other content management system.

Cloud OCR takes the hassle out of document capture, classification and indexing allowing you to focus on your core business activities while Cloud OCR handles the complexities of data extraction.

Don't just take our word for it. Take it for a spin!

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No Pressure. No Commitments. No Kidding

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Intelligent Document Processing

Accelerate your document handling with Hyland IDP, the Intelligent Capture tool designed to leverage AI and Machine Learning to power document onboarding capabilities and drive new levels of automation and efficiency.

Hyland IDP is ideal for organizations dealing with large volumes of documents and seeking an intelligent capture solution that enhances your data management capabilities.

Hyland IDP offers:

  • Advanced AI & Machine Learning: Utilizes machine learning algorithms and AI to intelligently process and classify documents.

  • Enhanced Data Quality: Ensures data quality and reliability through advanced capture techniques.

  • Efficient Document Handling: Speeds up document processing, reducing manual efforts and improving productivity.

  • Highly scalable and flexible: This low-code/no-code IDP platform scales to handle a high volume of documents and easily integrates with your enterprise applications and processes.

Hyland IDP harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to transform your document processing, by learning, adapting, and continuously improving, Hyland IDP drastically reduces time investments and costs, while minimizing exceptions and bottlenecks.

Revolutionize your document processing, streamline your workflows, and achieve unparalleled efficiency and cost savings. Embrace the future of intelligent document processing with Hyland IDP and experience a seamless, integrated, and highly efficient Intelligent Capture solution.

Transform your document management with Datum Evolve’s intelligent capture products and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs. Revolutionize your document processing, streamline your workflows, and achieve unparalleled efficiency and cost savings. Embrace the future of intelligent document processing with Hyland IDP and experience a seamless, integrated, and highly efficient document management solution.

Intelligent Capture isn’t just a tool

It’s a transformation that evolves your operations:

  • Enhancing productivity and collaboration.

  • Ensuring rapid deployment and accurate data management.

  • Reducing the need for manual intervention.

  • Offering simple integration into existing systems.

Pittsford Federal Credit Union

"...Datum Evolve have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Their culture and values align well with our Credit Union and their team excels at offering solutions which are tailored to our specific needs as a Hyland Cloud hosted OnBase customer. I anticipate our continued relationship with Datum Evolve will be both successful and enjoyable, and I highly recommend their services and support."

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