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 Seamless Content Management and Automated Workflow

Integrate Banking Core and Line of Business Systems, Automate Workflows, and Break Down Data Silos with OnBase by Hyland

Inefficient data management stifling your productivity and innovation potential?

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We empower banks and financial institutions with OnBase Intelligent Content solutions, offering an easy-to-manage, cost-effective way to boost efficiency and performance. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with line-of-business systems and automate workflows, all within a scalable and secure framework that accelerates your digital transformation journey.

Content Management is Foundational to Digital Transformation

Optimize Your Information Lifecycle with OnBase Content Management

Efficiently managing the flow of information from creation to disposal is critical to compliance and long-term viability as an organization. Content Management plays a pivotal role in this lifecycle, ensuring your credit union's data is accessible, secure, and compliant every step of the way. Our tailored solutions empower you to streamline operations, enhance customer services, and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.

Transform your information management into a strategic asset, driving efficiency and enabling better decision-making. Elevate your Financial Institution's performance and customer satisfaction with our expertly crafted Intelligent Content solutions. 

Seamless Integration for Peak Efficiency

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Engineered to complement and extend the functionality of your existing LOB applications, OnBase by Hyland Software stands at the forefront of enhancing operational efficiency for Banks and Financial Services organizations.  Thanks to its seamless integration capabilities with Line of Business (LOB) software Banks can create a cohesive, secure, and streamlined workflow. Whether it's loan origination systems, customer relationship management, or accounting software, OnBase bridges the gap, allowing for real-time data exchange and unified access to documents and information.

Achieve a holistic view of customer information, leading to improved decision-making, enhanced customer services, and a competitive edge in the financial sector.  

"Businesses must strive not only to meet current consumer  expectations but also to anticipate and adapt to future shifts in the digital landscape."

Pittsford FCU

"...Datum Evolve have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Their culture and values align well with our Credit Union and their team excels at offering solutions which are tailored to our specific needs as a Hyland Cloud hosted OnBase customer. I anticipate our continued relationship with Datum Evolve will be both successful and enjoyable, and I highly recommend their services and support."

Bryn Mawr Trust Company

"This company comes with some of the best customer service you can receive..." 

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