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SPUD Credit Union &
The Management of Many Matters

OnBase offers so many features that it can be hard to explain them all. So, we created a story featuring an anthropomorphized potato to illustrate how Datum Evolve and OnBase can transform your credit union. Is it silly? Absolutely. Packed with dad humor and gardening puns? You bet. Did it take longer to create than expected? Another big YES. But we hope you enjoy it and find it helpful in understanding how we assist Credit Unions like yours.

In this interactive marketing picture book, you'll navigate through various relatable efficiency challenges faced by SPUD Credit Union and discover solutions to overcome them.

How OnBase Helps Credit Unions 

At Datum Evolve, we’ve helped many credit unions just like yours to navigate the complexities of Content Management and Digital Transformation. Leveraging our expertise as a Hyland Authorized Solution Provider specializing in Credit Unions, we offer personalized solutions that address your unique challenges.

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