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An intelligent approach to managing content, documents, data and business processes

Content Solutions for your Industry

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Every organization has industry-specific needs when it comes to managing its data, documents, and processes. At Datum Evolve we help our customers to revolutionize the way they manage and leverage their critical business content, transforming information into actionable insights. 

If you're seeking a competitive edge in your industry, look no further. Our services are designed to make your journey easier and ensure the seamless flow of information between your core business systems, employees and customers. ​

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Industry Solutions

Financial Services

For Financial Services organizations,  Banks and Credit Unions, failing to keep up with rapid technological changes and evolving customer expectations can adversely impact operational efficiency — and your bottom line. Drive your digital evolution. Easily capture, store, access and analyze data to improve regulatory compliance, fraud investigations, lending, new account setup and more. Accelerate your digital transformation strategy, enabling your organization to reduce costs, transform processes and improve customer experiences.


Transform paper-based processes and drive digital innovation. Improve and automate workflows, gather real-time performance insights and leverage data to inform decisions. Centralize and manage content in a single secure and scalable repository that integrates with your critical systems. Improve process controls and automate task assignments with approval workflows to provide visibility into  process performance, status and workloads. 

State & Local Government

Government staff spend an inordinate amount of time on manual, paper-based processes and outdated systems, causing backlogs, process bottlenecks and data silos that lead to low productivity, poor service delivery and frustrated citizens. Let Datum Evolve help accelerate your digital government and modernization efforts with OnBase enterprise content services. Improve your operational effectiveness, efficiency, stakeholder engagement and mission delivery with a single, centralized and configurable content services platform..

Higher Education

Higher Education institutions deal with an overwhelming volume of documents, inbound information and unstructured data. Controlling the content chaos while dealing with process bottlenecks and internal roadblocks affecting the efficiencies and decision-making processes across the campus is vital. Datum Evolve can help you transform the way your institution manages information  and content, and improve operational practices making it easier and faster to find the right information, securely collaborate with peers, comply with regulations and complete critical work.

Back Office & Operations

From AP and AR to Legal and HR, every organization maintains critical back-office departments and functions. Datum Evolve can help streamline those functions with automation, centralized access to content and customizable workflow lifecycles. Create increased visibility into processes, identify bottlenecks, improve all measurable process metrics and generate value through efficiency and accuracy.  Prepare your department to accelerate, adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

OnBase Makes it Easier to do a Better Job

No matter the industry or departmental process.

Connect business systems, reduce manual work, increase visibility, and improve process controls.

OnBase by Hyland Software is a cutting-edge enterprise information platform that revolutionizes the way organizations manage their content, processes, and cases. With a robust suite of document management, workflow automation, and case management solutions, OnBase empowers businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and make more informed decisions. Leveraging advanced technologies, including intelligent data capture and artificial intelligence, OnBase transforms unstructured information into actionable insights, driving efficiency across various industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and more. Whether it's automating complex business processes, ensuring compliance, or improving customer experiences, OnBase provides a scalable and adaptable solution that grows with the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Discover the power of unified content management and process automation with OnBase by Hyland Software


Document Management

Centralize documents and data in a single repository and easily correlate associated documents and records.


Establish structured Workflow lifecycles to effectively route information though process touchpoints, creating visibility, traceability and actionable insights. 

Data Capture

Capture and index unstructured and structured data from multiple sources including email, scanning, faxing, EDI and leverage powerful AI and learning algorithms to eliminate manual processing.


Leverage API connections to your critical business systems to ensure that information and data is current  and consistent across all core applications. 

Case Management

Organize and centralize related content for effective case management, whether it be documents, tasks, notes, correspondence, conversations, photos, activities or reminders. 


Automate manual and repeatable tasks and free up your employees to focus on higher value work tasks. 

Michigan Assisted Living Association

"Michigan Assisted Living Association cannot emphasize enough the value of having all our vital member information centrally managed through the OnBase platform. We are also so pleased with our selection of Datum Evolve as our OnBase Partner. Datum Evolve’s technical resources and customer support/service are outstanding. There is a genuine interest in providing excellent customer service... "

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