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  • Ian McCain

What is WorkView, and why is it so darn cool?

We regularly encounter businesses that need the ability to quickly respond and adapt to new challenges, whether it be changes resulting from new regulations, responding to internal policy updates, or simply the need to adapt to changing consumer expectations in the marketplace. Often the team members that most understand those business needs lack the time and the coding experience required to develop an application from scratch, and the options available to them from "off-the-shelf" point-solutions don't suit their needs or require significant changes to their existing processes.

With OnBase’s WorkView, businesses can enable Rapid Application Development leveraging low-code – allowing knowledgeable internal business stakeholders the ability to craft applications without the coding headaches or protracted development timetables that come with traditional development. Imagine a realm where creating content-centric or case-driven applications is straightforward, and you don't need a PhD in coding to make it happen.

Now, let's break down the low-code concept. Low Code is effectively like having a simplified recipe for applications which requires minimal coding ingredients, ensuring a quick setup. WorkView simplifies the process, allowing you to use drop-down menus and checkboxes to build business applications efficiently. No need to decipher complex code – it's all about simplicity and efficiency.

WorkView isn't just a tool; it's a pragmatic solution for organizations looking to create applications without drowning in custom code. It's your digital Swiss Army knife, making the application creation process both efficient and manageable.

What does WorkView entail? Picture a straightforward point-and-click system that turns your ideas into reality at the speed of thought. The integrated screen designer adds a layer of customization, letting you tailor views and screens without breaking a sweat. WorkView also lets you orchestrate the connection of data, content, and processes seamlessly. It does all of this while also creating a detailed audit trail - logging access history, events, and creating a comprehensive record of all interactions. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with OnBase Workflow, allowing you to automate tasks without requiring intricate scripting. This enables businesses to develop low-code applications that work within their established processes, customized to their exact needs on a timetable that is faster.

WorkView's highly structured framework creates a lot of benefits:

  • Significantly speeds up the development and deployment timelines.  

  • Trims down IT sprawl.

  • Enhances user adoption.

  • Ensures data security.

  • Allows for more iterative approaches to application development.

  • And most importantly, it accelerates your return on investment.

WorkView caters to diverse industries, serving as a versatile tool for human resources, finance, information technology, customer service, legal, and compliance. From onboarding to complaint management, it covers a spectrum of applications and use-cases, making it the go-to solution for low-code application development. It's not just about functionality – it's about making the process enjoyable and accessible for everyone involved.


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