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  • Ian McCain

OnBase Integration for Encompass digital lending platform is released

a couple purchasing a home

Hyland Software, a leading global provider of intelligent content solutions, and creators of OnBase, has announced a new OnBase Integration for the Encompass® digital lending platform using the latest API framework for mortgage technology from Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). This modern framework enables industry participants to integrate with ICE solutions and provide their services to loan originators and servicers through secure API-enabled technology.

Challenges abound in the mortgage lending industry, with interest rate fluctuation, a housing shortage and increased demand from buyers for modernized digital experiences — all of which are tasking more traditional lenders to keep up. Regulatory compliance related to loan information archiving presents another hurdle.

Dozens of documents — structured and unstructured — are involved upon the completion of the loan process, and Encompass users require fast, effective disposition of those documents. Hyland’s new OnBase Integration for Encompass uses workflow and process automation to automatically archive that information on a scheduled basis once the loan reaches its final determination status.

Additionally, the Hyland integration for Encompass reduces the burden on IT staff which enables them to focus on more meaningful work. The integration reduces the costs and risks of building, testing and managing an archiving solution, with fewer decisions to be made and fewer resources required.

For 30 years, Hyland has delivered key innovations in the financial services industry that push our customers forward and address their most pressing needs, ICE shares our commitment to streamlining the path to homeownership with their end-to-end digital ecosystem.

stated Bryan Boynar, industry product manager at Hyland, about the advancement.

Hyland accelerates the digital journey for financial services organizations by unlocking the value of content — inside and outside of core systems. Secure, cloud-based content management and digital process automation solutions from Hyland enable greater collaboration and more efficient operations. More than 3,000 financial firms leverage Hyland solutions to drive digital transformation, support regulatory compliance and improve omni-channel customer experience. Learn More about the Integration


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