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  • Ian McCain

Proud Sponsors of Michigan Credit Union League AC&E 2024

The Michigan Credit Union League AC&E event was a great success. We are so happy to have participate in an event that supports the Credit Union industry. We put together a little video montage that highlights some of the ways we stood out at the event.

Some of our key takeaways:

  • No one wants be treated like they are small potatoes, but everyone wants to be treated to a small potato- Especially when it is tiny crocheted, and "Positive"

small crocheted positive potato for the MCUL event
  • Creating an illustrated children's book with a "choose your own OnBase adventure" parody, with anthropomorphized vegetables that run a credit union is a great conversation starter.

Cover image from Spud Credit Union and the Management of Many Matters book
  • Tiny things are fun, and memorable. It reminds me of that famous old saying, "If you happen to order camping mugs thinking they are full-sized, only to discover they are shot glass-sized - make lemonade, but not too much - like maybe 2oz. worth."

small camping mug


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